What keeps me going is the drive to maintain the quality and standard of my products to which
I have so closely associated his name. My Great Grandfather, A Polo Legend.

by Gurri S. Kahlon (Founder)
Our History is Our Standard

A Clothing Line inspired by simple designs, rich
fabrics and precision craftsmanship for European
and Indian Royalty, during the era of British

GURRI KAHLON Label is my way of carrying on my
Great Grandfather’s Legacy and an extension
of his passion for fine things which has been
instilled in me since childhood.

My Great Grandfather, The Polo Legend.

GURRI KAHLON is Founded on the legacy of a General, who was renowned by Kings, Queens and fellow Athletes as

“The Best Polo ‘Back’ Player in the World”.

Sardar Bahadur General Chanda Singh: Confidant, Teammate and Humbled General to the Maharaja of Patiala and... He was, a Friend of Kings.

The Story Behind the Inception of perhaps the finest Men’s Garments Hand Crafted in modern times:

My Great Grandfather was in the company of Royals; thus, he had a passion for fine things in life, yet maintained a balance of humility in Aristocracy….he was a subtle enthusiast.


The foundation of his legacy was laid when
Maharaja Rajinder Singh noticed him at an
Army polo tournament in the late 18th century.

After which a young and talented Chanda
Singh, was recruited by the King to join the
Patiala Army; This was, his defining moment.

Winner Baresford Cup and Viceroy’s Cup

Chanda Singh’s legacy began to form
after the numerous victories with
H.H. Maharaja Rajinder Singh and
H.H. Maharaja Bhupindra Singh of Patiala,
where they won enormous championships

noting four times, in the Punjab Polo Cup,
three times,the Baresford Cup, two times,
in the Viceroy’s Cup and four times, the Civil
Service Cup amongst their most prominent wins.


“Chanda Singh to Play in Europe WITH KING ALFONSO XIII OF SPAIN”

By this time, Chanda Singh had gained
such great popularity on a global scale,
that it resulted in a very rare, and until
this day, considered a unique occurance;

This is where it all begings...

in 1909, French Comte Jean De Madre
had orchestrated invitations from
H.M. King Alfonso XIII of Spain and
H.M. King Edward VII of England

to help them win Polo Championships
for their respective countries.

Spanish Win Their First Polo Cup

Upon his King’s grant, the
General took sail to Europe where he
played in the Spanish Polo Championship
along side

in which he helped the Kings’s team

win their first polo cup.
It is said that after the Spanish victory,
Alfonso offered Chanda Singh a noble title if he were to reside and remain in Spain,

but Chanda Singh respectully refused due
to his loyalty towards his King back home.

‘Miss Haig’ - A Gift from Alexandra, Queen of England

Following his win in Spain, Chanda Singh was invited by

H.M. Edward VII, King of England to play with the English in a match against the Americans.

The English won.

Queen Alexandra of England was in awe of Chanda Singh’s performance,,and as a token of her apprciation, she awarded him with her personal and most favorite horse, the beautiful, ‘Miss Haig’ .

Although Chanda Singh was upset about leaving ‘Miss Haig’ behind, he was extremely humbled to have received such a gift from the Queen.

However, Chanda was quite happy about

the presents he actually could, carry back home to the Royal State of Patiala:

a beautiful pocket watch and Pistol carved in gold and beautifully embedded with precious stones which was Presented to him by King Alfonso of Spain,

a true hand crafted
bespoke suit and handmade leather boots
which were made from a mold of his feet,
courtesy of the French Comte Jean De Madre.

Celebrating Life With The Royals

He was a true Gentleman, extremely precise about his attire and was in love with his European “Tip Top Suit and Boot” outfits.

During my young days and frequent visits to India, I would not tire of listening to my Grandfather tell me stories of his father’s

passionate pursuits and how he loved wearing fine clothes, shining boots and carrying his gentleman watch high upon his horse.

It was his trip to Europe in 1909 which was the inception of his elaborate wardrobe and sense of style which has passed on from generation to generation…

It was then, that I realized how strongly the family was influenced by European Fashion sense; when I saw the same traits in my

Grandfather, his siblings, their children and…myself.


Born in Patiala, migrated to the United States at the age of four and raised in the
San Francisco Bay Area, of Sunny California.

Not a one time in my life, have I purchased an “off the rack” suit and almost all of my shirts had been hand tailored, from Patiala. I attribute this to the close connection since childhood that I’ve maintained with my birth city, the Royal city of Patiala.

GURRI KAHLON Label is my way of carrying on my Great Grandfathers Legacy and an extension of that Passion for fine things which has been instilled in me through my family.